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Helping prepare young children for success!

High quality early childhood programs provide:

  • Experiences that prepare children for school success.
  • Opportunities to develop self-confidence and independence.
  • Social and communication skills.
  • Literacy activities and skills that prepare children to learn to read.
  • Math and science experiences to develop critical thinking.


Attending a high quality early childhood program prepares children to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.  Research shows that children who have quality early learning experiences are better prepared to be successful in school and throughout life.

Are you interested in free preschool for a child who is 3 to 5 years old?  Many children qualify!  If you think your child might qualify, complete the form below or call 989-667-3209 and someone will be in touch with you about the free preschool opportunities that are available.

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A Parent is a Child’s First Teacher!

Children who are successful in school have many healthy interconnections between family, school. And community.  Parent involvement in the learning process strengthens learning at home and is directly linked back to positive child outcomes at school. We encourage family involvement in your child’s GSRP program.  Your involvement can take many forms such as: acting as classroom volunteer, participating in a field trip, attending advisory meetings and family nights or sharing a special interest/ skill/ throughout our partnership, you are invited to confer with the teachers about your child’s development and care at any time.

School Volunteer Application Form

DHS Clearance Form

Our GSRP sites provide for active and continuous participation of parents of enrolled children.  We support parents as active decision makers, both developing and implementing training to instill confidence in parents as active members of an advisory committee.  Look for updates on upcoming parent advisory meetings.

Keys To Success

Keys To Success

Having a successful entry into school helps children have a positive attitude about school and learning. As your child’s partner in education, it is important for you to get, and stay, involved. The relationships and communication between the school and your family is key to ensuring your child’s success.

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of the most common questions that we are asked by parents.
If you have questions that are not addressed here, please call us at 989-671-8181.

I receive food stamps, Medicaid or WIC. Does that mean I am eligible?
Not necessarily. If you receive government assistance, your child may be income eligible for preschool. However, you are not automatically eligible for preschool because you receive food stamps, Medicaid or WIC.
When I complete the application, does that mean my child will be enrolled?
I filled out an application early. Does that mean I am more likely to get in?
How are children selected for the preschool programs?
The application allows me to pick three programs.
Does that mean my application will be sent to all three?
The application allows me to pick three programs. Does that mean my application will be sent to all three?
What counts as income?

Income is all of the money the parent/guardian(s) living with the child have earned before taxes. Income includes:

  • Wages or salary from a job
  • Money earned from self-employment
  • Retirement or disability payments
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • College/university scholarships or grants
  • Interest/investment income or periodic payments from a trust
  • Lawsuit settlement payments
  • Gambling winnings
What curriculums are used in the preschool programs?
What is the adult to child ratio?
If my child does not qualify for tuition free Head Start or GSRP preschool, are there fee-based programs available?
Where can I find additional information on before- and after-school care?
How can I schedule a tour of a potential preschool program for my child?
How Do I make changes to my child's application?

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